How is the carbon footprint of each of my purchases calculated?

In the methodology proposed by ADEME, there are two ways to calculate the carbon impact of a product: The Cradle-to-gate method, which calculates all the carbon emissions from the extraction of resources to the manufacture of a product.

The Cradle-to-Grave method, which takes into account the entire life of the product, from its manufacture to the estimated end of its life, by calculating the carbon expenditure for each use. The Cradle-to-grave impact is the one we indicate as it is more accurate, but it is not always available for all products. In these cases at the margin, we indicate the Cradle-to-gate impact.

To calculate the carbon emissions with the Cradle-to-gate impact, we use a mathematical formula: monetary emission factors.

A coefficient in kilos of CO2/euro is established: it allows the carbon footprint of a product to be calculated according to its price. Tables, set up by ADEME, give coefficients for each industry, each type of product, thanks to prior calculations of the average emissions of the manufacture of the said products. 

How can I view my last purchases / purchases made in a certain year? 

To view your latest purchases for the year, go to the “Understanding” tab, select the year you wish to view at the top right, click on the different categories and the most recent purchases will appear at the top of the page. The further down you scroll, the older the purchases displayed. 

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