How do I create a Greenfox account with a Gmail address?

To securely connect your mailbox to Greenfox, you will need to create a unique password, called an application password, which will allow Greenfox to access your emails without knowing your personal password.

To do this, 3 steps will be necessary. They are detailed directly on the Greenfox application. We advise you to follow them directly from your application. In case of problems, we will summarize the steps here:

We remind you that the Greenfox service is currently only available on the mobile application. It is not possible to create an account without downloading the application:
We have made every effort to make it easy to log in via our mobile app. This means that the number of steps is reduced, as we have automated certain steps.

Step 1: Enable 2-step validation

Gmail’s 2-step authentication (2FA) lets you protect your account with a password and your phone.

2-step authentification can be done directly from the Greenfox mobile app. Follow the steps on your screen.

  1. Click on “Go”. You will automatically be redirected to your Google account.
  2. Enter your email address and your Google password.
  3. Go to your Gmail application. Click ‘Yes’ on the invitation you received.
  4. Once the connection has been approved, return to your Greenfox application.

Step 2: Create an application password and enable IMAP automatically

This password is generated by Google for Greenfox only. Once in the Greenfox application, log back into your Gmail account to enable two-step validation by entering your Gmail password.

  1. Click Generate automatically. Wait a few seconds.
  2. Click Next Step
  3. Click Enable automatically. This activates the IMAP protocol, which is necessary for Greenfox to detect your newsletters.
  4. Then click Go to log in
  5. Your application password is filled in automatically, click Next
  6. You are finally done! Your account is finally secured. Your mailbox is then scanned by Greenfox. At the end of the scan, you can start your sorting!

You can finally learn how to use Greenfox!

If you still have problems connecting, please contact the support team at the following email address:

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