Download the Greenfox application on your smartphone

Android: You can download the mobile application via the Android PlayStore.
Apple: You can download the mobile application via the Apple App Store.

The download is free. The Greenfox application can only be downloaded for mobile devices or tablets.

How to create a Greenfox account?

Once on the Greenfox application, click on “Get started” then enter your email address and click on “Next”. You will be given access to our terms and conditions of use, which you can read. Once we have your consent, we will offer to create an account for you.

For security and privacy reasons, creating a Greenfox account is a multi-step process. All the steps are specified directly on the application. Be sure to follow them carefully.

The steps vary slightly depending on your email provider, but they follow the same logic:

  1. First you need to activate the two-step validation. To do this, click directly on the link that will be offered to you in the application.
  2. Then you have to create an application password from your mailbox. A link is also proposed at this stage to save you time.
  3. Once these two steps are validated, fill in the application password that you have just generated.

Your Greenfox account is created!

For more details on creating an account from a Gmail address, go here.

For details on creating an account from an Outlook or Hotmail address, go here.

ℹ️ If you are still having problems connecting, please contact support at

How does registration work? 

  1. Click on the “Start” button on our homepage.
  2. Enter the address of the mailbox you wish to connect to
  3. Follow the connection steps. For more help with this, please see our dedicated page.
  4. After you have given us limited access, Greenfox will automatically scan your mailbox and make a list of the expenses you have made with this mail address. This may take a little while.
  5. As soon as the scan is done, you will automatically access the list of your purchases and their associated carbon expenditure.  
  6. Once this list is available, you can navigate the app to see the details of each category, each merchant and the second hand solution proposals affiliated to them. 

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