Environmental protection soon in the French Constitution?

Will France legislate for ecology? Environmental protection is at the heart of the issues. Find out what's going on!

Convicted of environmental crime? Since 1947, the term “ecocide” has been the subject of debate. Notably within the International Law Commission. Especially in the preparation of the Code of Crimes against the Peace and Security of Mankind. Unfortunately, it is difficult to apply. On the other hand, environmental protection is no longer a secondary concern. Perhaps this time the climate emergency will finally have the resonance that many citizens had hoped for.

A second successful attempt?

Last December, the proposal had already arrived at the doors of the government. However, the Benalla and other “Gilets Jaunes” affairs had got the better of the project. The LREM deputy Sacha Houlié, accompanied by the deputy Matthieu Orphelin, close to Nicolas Hulot and former member of the LREM group, who took things in hand.

Environmental protection: a shot in the arm?

What is the objective of the proposed constitutional law?

Mainly to challenge the actions of companies deemed dangerous for the environment. The Constitutional Council will take up the matter if a polluting actor refuses to discuss it.

Assimilating environmental protection to an opposition of the freedom of enterprise could thus be a contestable argument by the French authorities themselves. However, such a measure does not guarantee optimal environmental protection. Article 1 of the French Constitution includes the principle of secularism, which is still a subject of debate in some quarters.

You can, however, make your own contribution to preserving the environment: see our articles “Solutions for reducing your carbon footprint on the Internet”.

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