5 apps for a year on the theme of ecology!

Want to make a gesture for the environment directly from your smartphone? Check these ecofriendly apps right now! Find out the best for you!

January 2021 is THE me of green resolutions, and at Greenfox specifically green apps.

We downloaded 5 apps that were recommended to us. So it’s been two weeks now and here is our feedback on these 5 apps! We strongly encourage you to try by yourself in order to make your own idea on these solutions good for the environment.

Our apps selection:

TooGoodToGo :

Too Good To Go FR (@TooGoodToGo_Fr) | Twitter

We waste one meal per week per person. It may not seem like much to some, but it actually represents 29kg of food per year. This is where TooGoodToGo comes in, an application that helps fight against food waste. The principle: to recover the unsold goods of partner shops at a reduced price. So we decided to test it. You have to know that there is everything: bakery, restaurant, Asian, Japanese, Indian, and many others.  The minimum price is 2€ and you can end up with a complete basket worth 5 times more!

The plus: We don’t know what we’re going to get when we get our basket back, it’s a surprise that also allows us to discover products.

90 days:

Télécharger 90jours sur Android, iPhone, iPad et APK

Aimed at people who want to start changing their habits or discover how to have an impact on the environment, 90 Days offers new eco-friendly challenges to be taken up during exactly 90 days. These challenges can be quick or last one or two weeks. You will find ideas such as: putting a water bottle in your toilet, reading books, not eating meat for a whole day or a whole week.

The plus: This app’ is French and allows you to know small eco-friendly tips in an interactive and challenging way.


Lilo (entreprise) — Wikipédia

More than 3 billion requests are made per day in France on a search engine. Imagine that you could perform these same searches, get the same results while doing a good deed. It is possible! We find more and more browsers that allow to plant trees (Ecosia), to feed abandoned animals (Youcare) and also to finance environmental projects (Lilo). So we tested Lilo, and it’s just as practical as a usual browser. Each time you search, you earn a drop, which you can offer to a project you like or that particularly touches you, which allows you to finance this project.

The plus: Being able to choose which project we give our drops to. There are different projects on the environment, health, education or even social projects, and we do so much research per day that it is quickly beneficial.


Goodeed (@Goodeed) | Twitter

French application created in 2014, here is another way to fund projects. With Goodeed, you simply have to watch a video (an ad) of at least 20sec. Once this video is watched, funds will be collected to be able to finance the projects associated with the watched videos. There are also missions that are made available on your profile related to the types of projects.

The plus: The “Hey, do you have a minute to save the world?” notifications remind us that by watching a video we can be the superhero of an equally heroic project.

Indigo Weel :

INDIGO weel - Circulez en toute liberté

Here’s an application that’s doing pretty well! Yes, Indigo weel allows you to rent a bike nearby by unlocking it with a QR code. What is it? It’s a way to get around that combines technology and ecology and above all it’s good for your health! You can walk wherever you want, go to work or to your friends, go shopping or even enjoy the nice weather! If this application is not in your city, don’t panic, you also have a lot of similar applications depending on your location!

The plus: You also have scooters at your disposal.

We have made the tour of these 5 apps. There are many others that also help you get on a more sustainable path. If you know of any, tell us about them!

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